A draft Bear Hazard Assessment (BHA) for Salmo was presented to Council of the Village of Salmo by Gillian Sanders of Grizzly Bear Solutions as part of the BearSmart Salmo initiative. Prior to the finalization of this assessment, residents of the Village are asked to share their local knowledge by answering a the following questions:

  1. Do you know of bear trials and wildlife movement corridors within the Village?
  2. Do you know of significant (repeated) bear conflict sites within the Village?
  3. Do you have ongoing concerns related to bears and human activity?
  4. Do you have other questions regarding the BHA or other steps towards BearSmart certification?

Responses can be sent via email directly to: [email protected]

A BHA is the first step in finding out where and what problems there might be that result in human-bear conflict, with the goal to reduce these conflicts to decrease property damage due to bears and to increase human and bear safety in the Village of Salmo.

BearSmart Salmo was launched in 2016 as a community initiative to promote voluntary and preventative conservation measures to address the root causes of human-bear conflicts. The ultimate aim is to reduce the risk to human safety and private property, as well as the number of bears that have to be destroyed each year. More information on the initiative and steps taken can be found at: http://salmo.ca/community-initiatives/bear-smart-salmo/

To view the BearSmart presentation click here.