Help Keep Salmo Beautiful

It’s almost summer and the grass and trees are relishing all the recent rain and the Village is starting to flaunt its summer beauty. The Village would like to remind property owners that per Traffic Bylaw #660, part 6, section 20 (1)(2) that property owners are responsible for the care of any boulevard(s) abutting their property.  Help keep our beautiful Village looking its best!

Excerpt from Bylaw #660 – Traffic Bylaw

Part 6: Uses of Streets

20.   The owner or occupier of any real property within the Village shall perform or arrange for the performance of the following works on their property and on streets abutting their property:

(1)  maintenance of boulevards to include grass, weed control and rubbish removal.

(2)  irrigation and care of boulevard trees, except that pruning of boulevard trees shall be done by the Village.