The Mayor and Council are pleased to advise that the danger of flooding appears to have passed although the official Evacuation Alert will not expire until Sunday, May 27th at midnight.  We were extremely lucky that the EOC team, village staff, Fire Department, various contractors and a small army of volunteers from Salmo and the surrounding area were able to prepare the village for the worst in such a short amount of time.

Preventing an up or downstream breach of the dike on Erie Creek last week was a key component to the preparedness, as was preparing for the worst the Salmo River could throw at us and they did it!  We also know and appreciate that cutting off access to the Legion and KP Park has been a sacrifice for many.  Thank you for being so gracious about it and to all of you who have assisted with the other preparations and helped your neighbours during this time of imminent danger.  Salmoites have shown that when they’re needed they are there!

As we did not get the expected rain this week, which kept us on alert status, preparations are now underway for removal of temporary barriers and sandbag removal and we ask that everyone bear with us just a little longer.  MoTI has advised they will remove the barriers on Fourth and Sayward next week.  If you don’t have a use for any sand you bagged for your property, sand and sandbags can be returned to 111 Main St. 

We will continue to keep you advised of what’s going on.