The village of Salmo and surrounding parts of Area G in close proximity to the village in the Salmo river and Erie Creek floodplains are currently under an Emergency Evacuation Alert in anticipation of peak water levels being reached in the Salmo River and Erie Creek on Thursday or Friday of this week and the possibility of flooding.

Both the river and creek are diked in many areas, however, as unprecedented water levels are anticipated engineers have identified areas where a potential breach could occur.  Over the next few days crews will be performing emergency dike work to prevent a breach.  This includes:

  1. Tree removal for two purposes; to make good access to the dike and to remove large trees at waters edge that have the potential to be undercut and fall into the stream.  Trees slated for removal have been flagged and two crews will be working on the removal process, one with a feller-buncher.
  2. Loc-blocks, sand, gravel and rip rap are being placed at both ends of 9th Street and the Civic Works gravel pit for the crew to use for dike reinforcement. (Please note: These stockpiles are not for public use.)
  3. Sand bags and sand are available for filling at 111 Main Street (beside Heritage Hub) and high school students will be prefilling a number of these for quick access.
  4. Aqua dam hydraulic tube barriers will be installed to supplement or replace sandbagging as required.
  5. Should a breach occur upstream, material stock-piled at east end of 9th Street will also be used to construct a diversion structure if required.
  6. Trucks and loaders are on standby as are wild-fire crews for other emergency assistance.
  7. Evacuation sites and facilities are being coordinated along with plans to evacuate everyone in a safe and orderly manner, if necessary.

It is hoped that the village will not need to implement an Evacuation Order.  Working with the Regional EOC Team the Village of Salmo Team is working hard to keep all of you, your homes, properties and livestock safe and dry. We will continue to keep you posted.