The Village received the following bulletin from YBR today:

Hello Stakeholders,

We are receiving information from public and private forecasters that we are going to be expecting to see anywhere from 10-30cm of snow across the west Kootenay district. It is expected that we will see more snow in higher elevations (20-45cm) but a significant amount could fall on the valley bottoms (5-15cm).  There is a system moving into the area this evening and we will see heavy precipitation from 9pm all the way through until around 5pm tomorrow evening. This is a very large amount of snow and we recommend that if travel is not necessary for you tomorrow to stay home.

This will be our first big winter event for the year if the forecast is correct. We have sent out liquid trucks to complete anti-ice applications to aid in the storm response. We have ramped up our personnel number for equipment operators. We will be utilizing subcontractors to ensure this amount of snow is tackled in a safe and effective manner. YRB has all hands on deck in preparation for this system.

Please remind your friends, family and colleagues that:

  • Posted speed limits are for IDEAL driving conditions. WINTER conditions are not ideal so please slow down and drive accordingly.
  • Winter tires are required from October 1st – March 31st. Especially when travelling across mountain passes.
  • Ensure you have a emergency roadside kit in your vehicle as there may be unexpected closures / vehicle breakdowns in harsh conditions.
  • Give snowplows and winter maintenance equipment room to work. NEVER pass a snow plow on the right. They are out there to make conditions safer for travel.
  • Check DriveBC or call 5-1-1 for current road conditions and information on road closures.

If you see any emergency or need to report a problem call us at 1-888-630-1420

Be safe everyone!