Good News Everyone – No Heavy Rain = No Overnight Flood!

Neither Erie Creek or the Salmo River came up overnight, in fact Erie has dropped somewhat.  The village is in good shape, infrastructure protection work continues, plus we will continue to have sand delivered to the u-fill site today.  If we don’t get heavy rain today or on the weekend all should be good until the predicted spike up again late next week.  As river levels are very dependent snow melt and rainfall we’ll be paying close attention to the weather.

As there are major issues now in Slocan it is likely that the fire crews that are here helping will be re-directed by the ECO to assist with their emergency flood protection.

For now we are advising all of you to be cautious and continue to take measures to protect your properties.  You should not be removing protections you have put in place as we don’t know what the next few days will bring, however things are looking optimistic for the long weekend!

It’s great the way our community has come together.  Thank you to all the community volunteers!  And many thanks to everyone at the EOC for all the assistance they have been providing in such a timely manner.

The Village office will remain closed to all but emergency matters today and hopefully resume normal activities on Tuesday.

Keep watching this site and our Facebook page for more updates.

Click this link for additional emergency links on “How to Access Important Emergency Information