Salmo River and Erie Creek Closely Monitored

All the rain we have received recently may have you concerned about flooding in the Village and surrounding area.  Please rest assured that Civic Works Foreman Fred Paton and his team are physically checking the creek and river daily. Cement barriers and pre-filled sandbags are all ready to be moved into a spot in a hurry if necessary.  We are in frequent contact with the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) at the RDCK and receive as-needed alerts from those agencies monitoring our watersheds and waterways.  The EOC has comprehensive plans in place for dealing with a flood emergency in Salmo and will work closely with the Village  should the risk change.

The EOC is monitoring all major creeks and rivers in the region in close consultation with the River Forecast Centre and in conjunction with Climate Change Canada’s data readings.  At this time the Salmo and Erie have lots of capacity left.  We are nowhere near 2018 levels for depth or current.  As of Wednesday (May 20) the Salmo was moving at 200 m3/second as opposed the 350 m3/second in 2018.  Melt had only just started at the higher snow cap this week, although temperatures dipped last night and the higher peaks and passes got more snow, not the rain we got.  Because the temperatures have not been overly hot during the day and are staying cool at night, and, up until recently, we hadn’t had much rain, the “watchers” are not predicting eminent flood risk for Salmo.

A Reminder – Area homeowners fronting either the river or creek and not on the diking systems are responsible for their own flood control measures – i.e. building retaining walls, sandbagging etc.  It has long been recommended that these owners build permanent or temporary flood mitigation structures for their properties well ahead of time.

Worried You’re at Risk?  Be Prepared

The Village now has sand and sandbags available in two places in the Village – the original site in the alley beside the liquor store, and a new site over by the lift station in KP Park  – for those that are concerned about the risk of flooding and wishing to start adding temporary measures to protect their home or business now.   Supplies will be replenished as needed.