The partners involved in constructing the award winning Heritage Hub Arts and Cultural Corner in Salmo gathered to celebrate the Community Excellence Award granted last week at the 2017 Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) conference for this unique public-private partnership.

Heritage Hub Inc. superstars include the dynamic CEO and artist Suzy Q. and her Associate & Artist Shauna Lovell, and Chief Radness Officer (CRO) Phil Guenther. Salmo artist Howard Roo, who constructed the metal archway on the Village Art Garden, was also present with Village employees who assisted and/or facilitated throughout the process. See original story on award here.

Pictured Left to Right: Howard Roo, metal artist; Fred Paton, Civic Works Foreman; Jessica Ellis, Administrative Assistant; Jamie Birk, Operator; Shauna Lovell, Heritage Hub Inc. artist; Suzy Q, Heritage Hub CEO & artist; Diane Kalen-Sukra, Chief Administrative Officer, Village of Salmo; Austin Anderson, Operator; Brandy Jessup, Administrative Assistant; Alana Lins, Administrative Assistant.

The old municipal building located at the corner of Main Street and Highway 6 had fallen into disrepair. A unique partnership between the Village of Salmo, local Heritage Hub Inc. entrepreneurs and artists and the investment of California parent company Heritage Salvage, have made possible this cutting-edge arts and cultural hub centre in Salmo offering everything from Village Art windows, a Village Art Garden, a unique reclaimed building materials and salvage boutique, custom upholstery & leather works shop, tattoo shop and art studio. The Grand Opening took place on May 20th this year and was attended by over 200 people.   More information here.  Facebook images here.

California-based Heritage Salvage is featured on the Do-it-Yourself (DIY) national television. Their promotional video can be viewed here.

Upgrades to the municipal building by Heritage Hub Inc. were significant and included mold and radon remediation, new ventilation, erection of the entire building for foundational repair, among other upgrades and represent a financial and in-kind investment by Heritage Hub Inc. over $100,000. A 3 minute video of the construction period can be viewed here.

Learn more about Heritage Hub Inc. by visiting their website or Facebook page at

The Village Art & Culture Garden is 30 x 80 feet located directly adjacent to the Hub and will be constructed later in the year and as funds permit.

The Village Arts Windows are along the outside of the Heritage Hub building and are open by application to artists to display their art in 4 month periods by application to the Village of Salmo.