It has been highlighted in recent national news stories that some Canadian villages, towns and cities have issues with high concentrations of lead in their drinking water.  Fortunately lead is not an issue in Salmo’s drinking water. Salmo tests for lead and we are well under the Health Canada guideline of 0.005 mg/L at 0.0005 mg/L.

Should anyone in the village have issues with lead it would be because they have old lead pipe as part of their delivery system on their side of the connection to the watermain or have older plumbing fixtures that contain lead and lead solder. Homeowners and residents can check the water line that comes into the home at their inside shut-off valve. If it is greyish-black, easily dented when scraped with a sharp object, it could contain lead.

If you think you have lead piping or fixtures you shoul call your plumber to have a look and get them replaced if needed.


The Government of Canada is committed to safeguarding the health of all Canadians and to protecting the environment from toxic substances, including lead. Based on the latest science, Health Canada, in collaboration with the provinces, territories and other federal departments, has updated the drinking water guideline to reduce the maximum acceptable concentration from 0.01 mg/L, set in 1992, to 0.005 mg/L.

For more information read the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality: Guideline Technical Document – Lead