April 7th to the 13th is National Volunteer Week. Celebrate your Volunteers and let us help you find new members or volunteers for your club or association by listing your organization and its needs on our new VOLUNTEER SALMO section on this website (coming next week).

Those looking for volunteer opportunities or to join an organization will be able to find your information in two ways:

  1. By type of opportunity – for example; categories such as Event Help, Working With Seniors, Working With Children, Repair Work, Gardening, Office Help, Board Members, etc. – so they can look for opportunities in areas that specifically interest them, and
  2. Alphabetically by organization – When the attached form is submitted a short ad for your position(s) will be created from the information.  Your contact and website information will also be included so they can research your organization further or give you a call.

The ‘opportunity type’ list will connect to the alphabetical list.  Links to other Volunteer organizations, such as Volunteer BC and Volunteer Canada, and other resources will also be made available.

To have your organization listed please complete and return the Volunteer Request form (http://salmo.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Volunteer-Request-Form-1.pdf} to [email protected] (If you’re sending it electronically, please save the file as: {Name of your Organization} Request. We’ll write up the actual ad from the information you provide. We hope to help you sell your organization to potential new members/volunteers.