To the Residents of Salmo Affected by our Waste Water Treatment Plant:

Thank you for bearing with us during these not so pleasant-smelling days. Your complaints have not gone unheard. Our Civic Works team has been working hard to help mitigate the odors coming from the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP).

Unfortunately, we do not run a 100% odor free plant. Yes, we have spent $2 million on our WWTP, however, we would need to spend another $5 or more million dollars to get to 100% odor free. We were very fortunate to get the grant we got without a huge cost directly to the taxpayer.

How does the water temperature contribute to the odour? The Rapid Infrastructure Beds (racetracks) which contain the filtered waste are one of the contributors. Water temperatures in the beds in the winter are generally 4-7 degrees, spring and fall temperatures are 7-12 degrees, and summer temperatures can go up to 19 degrees or more. That is what happened here recently with the extreme hot weather we have had. When our waste heats up it can get really stinky.

The crew is now removing the bagged solid waste weekly from the site during hot weather time.  Actizym, a new product that we began using late last year, has greatly helped with the odor. Unfortunately, when the weather is really hot the odour factor rises.  Now the weather has cooled down everyone should smell a difference.  We will continue to do everything we can to mitigate the issue.

Mayor Lockwood