Located between Sayward and Riverside Avenue, this quiet shaded campground offers easy walking access to Salmo’s downtown core. It is within KP Park, which encompasses a children’s playground, gazebo and numerous picnic areas. The campground and park areas also feature hot showers and an attractive treed area for campers. The campground is open Spring through Fall, as long as good weather permits. The sites are unserviced, and cost $15.00 per night, per sleeping unit. Sleeping units for family youth on the same site are exempt from this charge (see Bylaw below).

The Campground is now OPEN for the 2022 season.

Occupancy is on a first come, first serve basis, but you are welcome to contact us at [email protected] or 250-357-9433 if you have any questions.

From Highway 6 (Railway Avenue), turn onto 2nd Street, travel for 2 blocks and you will see the campground and the park on your right. Our camp host will be around to collect fees and answer any questions you may have. Further information is available on the bulletin board at the campground.

KP Campground User Fee Bylaw

(1)   Subject to sub-section (2), a user fee in the amount of $15.00 per night and per sleeping unit (e.g., tent, trailer, motor home) shall be payable for the use of the campground for overnight accommodation.

(2)   Notwithstanding sub-section (1), a tent set up in conjunction with a primary sleeping unit in the campground for occupancy by youth under the age of seventeen years and in the care of the occupants of the primary sleeping unit for which a user fee has been paid, shall be exempt from the fee imposed by this section.