Jude Kornelsen (UBC – Centre for Rural Health Research/Rural Evidence Review and BCRHN member) is asking for BC residents to complete the Out-Of-Pocket Costs for Rural Patients Survey

“One of the resounding themes that came out of the RER survey was the difficultly rural residents have when they need to travel out of their communities to access health care (specialist or procedural care). When we reviewed existing data, we did not find any cost-effectiveness studies that included out-of-pocket costs for patients (travel, accommodation, loss of income for patient or partner). We did, however, hear lots from survey participants about financial challenges that made access care away from home difficult, so wanted to rigorously collect data from BC about such costs and work to ensure they are included in policy decisions. We are distributing the survey through the same channels we used for the RER survey (RSA community face-book pages, Chambers of Commerce and Newspapers) so anticipate another good response rate.”

The survey link is  Bit.ly/CostsRural.

Survey respondents will be entered into a draw for one of three Amazon gift cards (valued at $50, $150, and $250.