No Diapers, Wipes or other Non-Flushables!

Our sewer plant continues to be challenged by large non-flushable items, especially adult diapers, which clogg the system and result in equipment breakdowns.

Villagers are reminded that items like diapers, both infant and adult, are never to be flushed down toilets or put down a drain.  Combined with grease and oil, which also should not be put down the drain, they create “fatbergs” which are a significant challenge to operators in cities, towns and villages around the world.  They clog up the pipes and our Waste Treatment system cannot cope with them, resulting in breakdowns.

Non-Flushable items include:

  • baby diapers
  • adult diapers or disposable underwear
  • baby wipes
  • facial wipes
  • health care wipes
  • cleaning wipes
  • feminine hygiene products
  • paper towels
  • grease and oil
  • kitty litter
  • cotton balls or swabs
  • bandages
  • dental floss
  • tissues
  • trash
  • gum
  • syringes
  • cigarette butts

All these non-flushable items must be disposed of in the garbage.

Thank you all for your assistance in helping to keep our system clog-free. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.