The Village of Salmo is seeking 3 citizens interested in being on the Board of Variance.

The Board of Variance is a three-member appeal body appointed by the Village Council, responsible for hearing applications for minor variances to the Zoning Bylaw of the Village of Salmo. The Board of Variance functions independently from Village Council and has its own authority under the Local Government Act.

Role of the Board of Variance (B.O.V):
The Board of Variance may order that a minor variance be permitted if the B.O.V.:

  • Has heard from the applicant and affected neighbours
  • Finds that undue hardship would be caused by adhering to the zoning bylaw
  • Is of the opinion that the variance does not:
  • Result in inappropriate development
  • Adversely affect the natural environment
  • Substantially affect the use and enjoyment of adjacent land
  • Vary uses and densities according to the zoning bylaws
  • Or defeat the intent of the bylaw.

Interested applicants should contact the Village Office at: (250)-357-9433 OR via email at: [email protected]

The Deadline for Applications has been extended to : Wednesday, July 3, 2019 at 4:00 PM.