Recreation Commissions are local Commissions established by the RDCK Board to advise on local recreation and/or park operation needs of the community. Recreation Commissions serve the communities of the Regional District and carry out recreational programming activities and provide financial contributions to groups providing recreational programs on behalf of the Commission.

Recreation Commission 7
Salmo & Area G
Based upon the specific bylaw, the Commission can consider applications from eligible
non-profit organizations, societies and clubs within Salmo, Area G and District Regional
Facilities, Recreation, Parks and Leisure Service Areas may apply for recreation program funding.

Applications forms can be found here:

Grant Cycles
There are generally two grant cycles per year for each Commission. Not all Recreation Commissions have two (2) grant cycles per year. Please contact (250) 352-1574 or [email protected] for up to date information.

  1. Spring – for projects/programs running in Summer and Fall
  2. Fall – for projects/programs running in Winter and Spring

Application Deadlines
Application deadlines are yet to be determined for 2021. Please check back here at a later stage or contact (250) 352-1574 for further details.