Salmo’s new Recycling Depot is set to officially open on July 22.

Residential Recycling Program Hours

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
10:00 am – 4:00 pm

The Salmo Depot accepts the following per the RDCK Recycling Guide:

  • glass bottles (please remove and recycle lids separately)
  • paper
  • flattened cardboard and cardboard packaging
  • tin cans (labels off)
  • plastic packaging
  • styrofoam packaging

All items must be clean and not have any food waste in order not to attracts bears, rats and other critters and so it is not rejected by the companies that turn recycling in to new products. So please be sure to wash your bottles and cans before recycling.

Visit our recycling page for more information.

Press Release:  Why did the RDCK Change Recycling in the District?