The Village of Salmo has an established a satellite Level 1 Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) as a precautionary measure to monitor, collaborate and communicate with emergency management stakeholders related to the McCormick Creek wildfire currently located 20 kms outside of the Village limits.

It is imperative that residents and concerned individuals ensure that information shared is factual and from confirmed sources, such as:

The Salmo EOC is operational during regular office hours at this time. Please contact (250) 357-9433.

The establishment of this Level 1 Salmo EOC is a precautionary measure only to ensure full emergency preparedness.

Please be advised that the Village of Salmo EOC is working hand-in-hand with emergency management stakeholders locally, throughout the region and province. There are daily conference calls, planning meetings, updates and information sharing.

There is currently no immediate threat of fire to Village residents. Efforts are being on fire suppression and emergency planning in the case of regional evacuations.

Please note: when evacuation orders are issued, the Province provides a form of shelter and food to resident evacuees.

Everyone is encouraged to sign up for the RDCK Emergency Alert System by visiting


Diane Kalen-Sukra, Chief Administrative Officer

Salmo EOC Director

David Hearn, Fire Chief

Salmo EOC Operations Chief