The Salmo Valley Fund is pleased to announce that, through a partnership with Community Foundations of Canada’s Community Fund for Canada’s 150th.  The Fund is initiating a one-time spring granting cycle worth up to $6,000. This funding is available to registered charities and other qualified donees that are able to make matching contributions, either cash or in-kind, equal to the amount of funding they are seeking. Applicants must serve the communities of Salmo and Area G. Those who are not themselves qualified donees may be able to access funding through partnerships with eligible groups.

The objectives of this granting program are to:

  • encourage participation in community activities to mark Canada’s 150
  • inspire a deeper understanding about the people, places, and events that shape our communities and our country.
  • build vibrant and healthy communities with the broadest possible engagement of all Canadians, including Indigenous peoples, groups that reflect our cultural diversity, youth, and official language minorities.

Projects that have enduring benefits (for example, projects that establish new relationships, build community or organizational capacity, lead to or support further action) will be considered stronger candidates.

While the mandate of this program is broad, there are several types of projects that are not eligible for funding:

  • large-scale infrastructure projects
  • recurring activities or festivals (ie. established annual events)
  • projects related to political activities or lobbying
  • projects that are designed for fundraising purposes
  • ongoing activities, such as the publication of regular newsletters or magazines
  • any activity taking place outside Canada
  • projects that are already funded in whole or in part by the Government of Canada

Unlike our regular fall granting cycle, applications for this program are submitted online at We are accepting applications until 5:00pm on June 15, 2017.

This is a new type of program for us at the Salmo Valley Fund and we know applicants may have questions to ask prior to developing a project. Please direct any inquiries to Mike van Wijk at [email protected]. I’ll be happy to help clarify anything and have a number of documents and links that I can pass on to interested parties. One can also refer to the website for this program,

In more general news, we have completed our 2016 fall granting cycle and are pleased to have provided funding to the SVYCC to help with building renovations, the PEAK program at Salmo Secondary School, and the Inquiry Learning program at the Secondary School. When we look back over the last six years, it’s nice to see what a wide range of projects we have been able to contribute to!

I would also like to thank those who have donated to the SVF over the last year or so: Lisa Tedesco, the Ladies Anglican Guild, and Laurie Read. As always, thanks goes out to the Kootenay Savings Community Foundation and the Columbia Basin Trust, for their ongoing financial support, and the Osprey Community Foundation and Salmo Community Resources Society, for their ongoing logistical support. In Particular, CBT has recently started a bursary program for community funds and foundations that provides financial assistance to help offset the costs of training and capacity building for our volunteers.

As always, the SVF can use volunteers! At the most basic, we are looking for people who are able to spend modest amounts of time keeping in the loop over e-mail and attending a handful of meetings over the course of the year.  The fall granting cycle is our most active time, when we publicize the funding that is available and make decisions as to how to allocate the money. However, this spring round of funding represents a great time to get involved while we are being more active. Contact Mike via e-mail if your would like more information.