Salmo prides itself on having the best drinking water around.

There are three aquifers in the Salmo area.  The largest lies under the Village and extends mainly south and east of the community.  The other two are west of the community, outside the Village boundaries toward Erie Lake.  A recent report prepared for the Village, the Source Water Protection Plan, rates this large aquifer as having high vulnerability, as it is considered a surficial aquifer; it is not protected by bedrock but is comprised of porous materials (e.g. sand and gravel).  The large aquifer is the source for the Village’s domestic water supply.

There are three main types of microorganisms in drinking water that pose risks to human health (pathogens) and for which microbiological treatment objectives are required: bacteria, protozoa, and viruses.  Tested weekly at multiple locations, our water is so pure that we are not required to treat it before delivery.

It is extremely important that the Village continue to maintain its current Groundwater at Risk of Containing Pathogens (GARP) rating of “low risk” status and therefore not requiring treatment before delivery.  Should the status change to “at risk” under the province’s 4-3-2-1-0 Drinking Water Objective a water treatment system, which could include a multi-million-dollar water treatment plant, would likely be required.

Thank you Salmoites for helping the Village to maintain our GARP rating.  We are all shepherds of this valuable resource and you are doing your part by properly disposing of hazardous materials and not polluting the source with hazardous lawn treatment chemicals.