Updated Salmo Community Plan available for review

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Sustainable Salmo is a planning process to update the Village’s Official Community Plan in a way that is sustainable and inclusive.
The new plan will shape our future.

Project partners include the Village of Salmo, Central Kootenay Regional District, Fraser Basin Council, Interior Health, and Flipside Sustainability.

Salmo residents are key stakeholders in the process, and are invited to participate in a variety of ways.

Sustainable Salmo Draft Plan Heading to First Reading July 25th

The final draft of Sustainable Salmo Official Community Plan is coming before Council on July 25th, 2017 for first reading after five months of public input and ongoing daily Open House at the Village office. There is still an opportunity for the comment on this draft. Please send your written comments to [email protected] before Friday, June 23, 2017.

This document integrates the results of an extensive public consultation process that began on Canada Day last year and included a community survey, lifestyle photo contest, survey, asset mapping, video, and four public workshops.

The List of Substantive Changes Between Drafts document outlines the major changes that came about through the public input and open house period.

A colour copy of the draft document at first reading will be made available to any resident of Salmo upon request.  After 1st reading, the formal public notification to property owners will begin.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Village Office [email protected] and book an appointment to speak with Diane Kalen-Sukra, Chief Administrative Officer.


There are many exciting highlights in this draft Sustainable Salmo Official Community Plan. The draft integrates sustainability planning principles with more typical community land-use planning, including:

  • A mixed-use area called the Historic Railway Commercial District, a pedestrian-friendly environment encompassing several downtown hectares along and above the highway corridor that builds upon the official historic designation of the Salmo Train Station and the alternate TransCanada Trail that crosses through it.
  • The plan adds two new Development Permit Areas – Natural Hazards and Aquifer Protection – to reflect the community’s priorities – safety and environmental stewardship, and the protection of the Village’s priority asset – the aquifer and its pristine water supply.
  • The plan includes objectives, policies and targets regarding climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, as required under the Local Government Act.
  • The elementary school site is changed from Institutional to Mixed-Use Neighbourhood planning, promoting the development of a unique residential and commercial neighbourhood if the elementary site closes, as anticipated.  This designation includes a wide variety of uses such as affordable housing, childcare, community gardens, life-long learning, and a café, and demonstrates ‘green’ building principles in design and construction, creating a sustainable neighbourhood.
  • Temporary Use Permit provisions were added, giving the Village additional tools to guide and regulate temporary uses such as seasonal vendor markets.
  • An Asset Management section describes the Village’s current and future asset and infrastructure plans, and acknowledges and places value on human assets (employees and volunteers) in addition to natural assets, as part of overall asset management.

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