2018 Election Candidates

The Village of Salmo 2018 election will be for the election of the following:

1 Mayor          4 Councillors

Candidate names will be added to the following list as nominations are received.  Nominations close at 4:00 pm Friday, September 14, 2018.  For more information visit our 2018 Election page.  Candidate’s public information packages are available for viewing at the village office or as a PDF $

4:00 pm, September 14, 2018 – Candidates are: (I) = Incumbent    Copy of official Declaration of Candidates


  1. Stephen B. White (I) – Nomination Documents
  2. Diana L. D. Lockwood – ELECTED Nomination Documents


  1. Steven L. Dimock (I) – Nomination Documents
  2. Farrell Segall – ELECTED Nomination Documents
  3. Danny J. Danforth (I) – Nomination Documents
  4. Jacqueline L. Huser – ELECTED Nomination Documents
  5. Jonathan M. Heatlie (I) – ELECTED Nomination Documents
  6. Jennifer L. Endersby – ELECTED Nomination Documents

To hear about the candidates, from the candidates, visit PodcastSalmo