The joint Salmo and Area G DOT night was a huge success once again with 346 residents attending. Residents voted with their DOTS and organizations received their share of the $68,914 provided by Columbia Basin Trust through their Community Initiatives program.

The Village welcomed our new Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Anne Williams on April 9th. Ms. Williams has been very busy familiarizing herself with the Village and has already attended her first Council meeting on April 10th.

October 20th, 2018 is the next general local election date in B.C. In the 2014 election Salmo was lucky to have a large number of candidates for Council and a high voter turnout.

In a recent article Mayor Ron Toyota made reference to this time of year being the “silly season”. I spoke with Mayor Toyota and he told me the reference is to 6 or 7 months leading to a municipal election where some residents begin maligning current Council members. This includes often outrageous and erroneous allegations. Salmo is not immune to this and it would take far more than the newsletter word limit to correct all of the misinformation in the March newsletter. While people may be passionate about issues, hurling vindictive and erroneous allegations creates a toxic environment that does nothing to better our community.

Being part of a local government can bring a real sense of accomplishment. While keeping taxes low we have much to be proud of, our financial house is in order, reporting deadlines met, projects such as the new playground equipment and our award-winning covered walking bridge completed. We have applied for and received millions of dollars in grants, these have reduced the tax burden and funded the majority of our projects.  Salmo has for the first time ever won awards from the Union of BC Municipalities, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and the Wood Council. Sometimes it can appear that a tiny minority can generate such toxicity that running for Council is just not worth it – it is worth it to make a positive change in our community. Check the Elections BC website and consider running for Council this fall.