Welcome to another snowy Kootenay winter. It’s already looking like our Civic Works crew will kept very busy over the winter season.


Following are some key highlights from the Village’s Snow Plowing Policy. Click here to view the full version of Village’s Snow Plowing Policy.


Key policy highlights:

To plow when snow accumulations reach:

  • on weekdays (Monday through Friday, except statutory holidays) 5 cm or more;
  • on weekends (Saturday, Sunday and statutory holidays) 5 cm or more OR at the discretion of the Civic Works Foreman.

To plow the following routes as a first priority:

  • Public sidewalks in the Village Centre – (Trackless);
  • Emergency services access – (Fire Hall & Ambulance Bays) – (loader);
  • Main thoroughfares – Carney Mill Rd., Cady Rd., Glendale Ave., and Main St.
  • Laneway behind Post Office

To plow the following routes as a second priority:

  • 4th St., Davies Ave. (3rd to bridge), Sayward Ave. (3rd to Main St.), and 3rd St.
  • Motel Ave., Ninth St., Hanson Ave., 8th Street and Park Ave., Railway & Rotter Ave.

To plow the following routes as a third priority:

  • 7th St., 6th St., Sayward & Baker Ave (7th to Main St.)
  • Hutcheson Ave., MacLure Ave., 4th St (MacLure Ave. to Hutcheson Ave.)
  • 2nd St., Riverside Ave, Sayward Ave. and Davies Ave. (3rd to 1st)
  • Cottonwood Ave., Aspen St., Birch St., Cedar Ave.

To plow the following routes as a fourth priority:

  • Ponderosa Cres., Tamarac Cres., Gretchen Cres., Larsen Rd., Henderson Ave.,
  • Gray Dr., Sixth Street, Woodland Dr., and Baker Lane (and Baker Lane off of 1st Street).
  • Sayward Lane; Audrey Avenue.
  • Salmo Community Radio Station (Highway 3).


  • To clear center windrows in intersections, and to widen intersections where snow obstructs visibility for motorists.
  • To plow the walking paths along Glendale, Cady, and around the Mountain as a final priority, as time permits.
  • To plow alleys every second snowfall, as time and snow conditions permit, and only during regular working hours.

Property Owners:

  • To keep all road boulevards and lanes clear of obstructions.  Property owners are to provide off-street parking.  Parked vehicles that continually impede snow clearance will be towed away at the owner`s expense.
  • To prohibit property owners to remove snow from private property onto any boulevard or lane.  Property owners that continually remove snow in this fashion shall be invoiced by the Village for the time spent on activities related to clearing this obstruction.

Please also note that the crew do not plow driveways and they cannot lift the plow to miss your driveway.