Village Council were delighted to receive news from the province that we will receive a $533,000 grant from the “Safe Restart Grants for Local Governments” program.  Following is an excerpt from the letter received.


The provincial government understands the fiscal impacts that COVID‐19 has placed on local service providers. To help address these challenges, in September the Province of British Columbia announced nearly $2 billion in joint federal/provincial spending, including: $540 million for local governments, $418 million for community infrastructure, and $1 billion for transit, TransLink and ferries.

The $540 million for local governments was further divided into three funding streams. Two of the streams (“Development Services” for $15 million and “Strengthening Communities” for $100 million) will be application‐based funding. More information on these funding streams will be forthcoming.

The third stream will provide direct grants to local governments. This funding stream is called the “COVID‐19 Safe Restart Grants for Local Governments” and will provide up to $425 million for local operations impacted by COVID‐19. This funding will support local governments as they deal with increased operating costs and lower revenue due to COVID‐19. It will also ensure local governments can continue to deliver the services people depend on in their communities. Eligible costs will include:

  • addressing revenues shortfalls;
  • facility reopening and operating costs;
  • emergency planning and response costs;
  • bylaw enforcement and protective services like fire protection and police;
  • computer and other electronic technology costs (to improve interconnectivity and virtual
  • communications);
  • services for vulnerable persons (e.g. persons living with disabilities, mental illness or addictions,
  • persons experiencing homelessness or other vulnerabilities); and
  • other related costs.

I am pleased to advise you that Salmo is the recipient of a $533,000 grant under the COVID‐19 Safe Restart Grant for Local Governments…..

Kaye Krishna
Deputy Minister
Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

Salmo Council will include this revenue in 2021 budget planning and look forward to being able to determine the best way forward for Salmo’s as we recover from the effects of the COVID-19 lockdown.