Salmo Needs Fast Internet!

Salmo has joined with the RDCK and other RDCK communities and areas to obtain a grant to improve internet access for all.  To help the government decide who needs the service the most – i.e. where to award grant money – they will be partly relying on information provided by users on their current use.  The Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) is conducting a survey to gather information. You can hopefully help get the grant money awarded to our area by completing the Internet Speed Test so they have accurate data to base their decision on.  The more information they have about our internet use and needs the better.

Internet speed test & performance data

Take the test –  CIRA speed tests


Indigenous and local governments wishing to participate in the Internet speed study are encouraged to complete an online questionnaire, providing contextual and background information about Internet speeds experienced in their community. For the purpose of this study, local and Indigenous governments can improve the accuracy and depth of the Internet speed data for their area, by having their residents, businesses, and other community stakeholders complete the CIRA Internet speed test.

This Internet speed study aims to better understand the factors contributing to the difference between Internet speed data published on the federal government’s National Broadband Internet Service Availability Map, and community experiences in BC. This study is a collaboration between the provincial Ministry of Citizens’ Services, Northern Development Initiative Trust (NDIT), and UBCM, with research and analysis to be carried out by TANEx Engineering.

Internet Speed Test – Do Your Part!

For the purpose of this Internet speed study, Internet speed performance data will be considered alongside background information about communities. Internet speed performance data from the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), will be gathered for all of the communities and areas identified in the above online questionnaire. Some data may already exist, from previous CIRA speed tests conducted independently by individuals or organizations. However, it is useful and important for more residents and stakeholders from these communities to conduct a CIRA speed test, and ensure that they answer the questions about Internet service. The more tests conducted, the better—numerous tests, at different times of the day and week, and they can even be scheduled to occur automatically.


The Village will complete the Questionnaire which will provide overall information in support of the speed test.

This Internet speed study focuses on communities experiencing discrepancies between actual Internet service speeds, and federal government data on the Internet service speeds that should be available. To clarify, this study will not include province-wide field testing. Because province-wide field testing does not form part of this project, TANEx Engineering will instead use a questionnaire to gather background information about these communities—information that can help to identify some of the factors that contribute to the discrepancies in Internet service speeds. Completion of the questionnaire is important, to maximize the information that TANEx will have to work with. If a local or Indigenous government has not completed the questionnaire, then we may not be able to include them in the Internet speed study.

For further information about the online questionnaire or the CIRA speed test, please contact Kerri-Anne Thomas, Project Manager, TANEx Engineering.