Haven’t claimed your 2021 Home Owner Grant (HOG) yet? Claim now online before your taxes are due at

  • Starting May 2021, you will apply for your Home Owner grant online with the Province.
  • Municipalities are NO longer accepting applications. Program eligibility is unchanged.
  • In order to avoid penalties and interest, apply before the tax due date.

Important Information about the Homeowner Grant

If you are eligible for the Provincial Home Owner Grant, please ensure that the online application is completed prior to July 2, 2021 to avoid a penalty of 10% on the grant portion. Please note that the Home Owner Grant application must be completed each and every year in which you are eligible for the grant.

A penalty will be applied on the amount of the Home Owner Grant for any unclaimed, unsigned or incomplete applications, as this will be considered equivalent to unpaid taxes. To avoid the penalty on the Grant portion of your taxes, the Home Owner Grant must be claimed even if a payment on outstanding taxes is not made.

2021 Taxes

The due date for all classes is July 2nd. A penalty of 10 percent is applied to outstanding current year taxes at the close of business on July 2, 2021. No Exceptions.

Link to 2021 Property Tax Information