RDCK Soliciting Feedback Via a Survey on Curbside Food Waste Pick-up

The RDCK is seeking feedback on is whether to expand food waste collection into other areas within the RDCK. Should other municipalities consider a food waste collection program? Should there be a food scraps and garbage collection program provided in the higher density parts of the electoral areas, particularly if there is a composting facility nearby?

The RDCK has mailed out a newsletter to all homes about the draft RRP. It provides a good overview of what’s in the draft plan, and it includes more information on the idea of a collection service for food scraps and garbage in the electoral areas. To get this information and a link to the survey, visit www.rdck.ca/rrp .   PDF of Recovery Plan.

Be Aware – Cost could Double Current Annual Per Household Garbage Pick-up Utility Fee

Please be aware that implementing this service in Salmo could result in the cost of weekly garbage pick-up more than doubling. The actual cost of this service is unknown at this time, so the estimated increase is based on current weekly garbage pick-up rates. Please bear cost in mind when you are completing the survey.