The Village is looking for mural artists to create four (4) murals this summer to add to the Village’s wonderful collection of stone and painted murals.  Paints will be supplied and a small honorarium.

Individual artists, a groups of artists, or an artistically minded community group may apply and provide concepts for an individual mural or for all murals.  The theme throughout the Village reflects the beauty of our natural surroundings and the mining and fishing history of the Village and area. Ideas incorporating indigenous representations of nature would be very welcome.

Colour digital or paper concepts are welcomed. Concepts should be submitted to the CAO at the Village office by 4:00 pm on Thursday, July 8th. They will be reviewed by Council at their July 13th meeting.  Please call the office at 250-357-9433 or email the CAO at [email protected] if you have any questions,

Fortis Fence

Fortis is generously allowing the Village space on  the new fence around their compound.  A double panel will be available for painted murals on both Fourth Street and Sayward Avenue.  The village would like to see concepts in keeping with theme of the current murals – nature, water, mining, fishing – but are open to other ideas such as local recreational activities, a community “quilt”, or other image to salute Salmo.

Lions Park/Recycling Depot

To complete our recycling fence on Glendale Avenue we are looking for artists to create either one or both painted murals on either side of the stone mural created and installed in 2020.  The theme for this venue is the Salmo River and nature.  The murals will be assessed on how they compliment the stone mural and continue the story it is telling.  Concepts can be abstract or literal.