Every year on February 22, Girl Guides celebrate World Thinking Day, a day of international friendship. It is an opportunity to speak out on issues that affect girls and young women, celebrate the founding of Girl Guides, and be connected to the 10 million members around the world who are part of the Guiding movement.  This year the Village is supporting the Guides on their special day with a blue light display at the Village office.

Here in British Columbia, we have thousands of girls and women who are members of Girl Guides of Canada. We have Girl Guide programs in nearly every community in BC, and our girls/volunteers light up their communities year-round through leadership, community service, and efforts to create a better world, by girls. Girls typically participate in annual Thinking Day activities held on/around February 22. Due to the continuing effects of COVID-19, their usual large gatherings, campfire singalongs, community events, special camps, and other activities are impacted, and so this year will again look different than usual.

For Thinking Day 2022, they will be celebrating in a way that is COVID-friendly, that keeps our communities safe, and brings a smile to the faces of girls, families, volunteers, and the public: Guiding Lights Across British Columbia. This community initiative will light up outdoor landmarks, bridges, buildings, stadiums, and other illuminated locations, with blue lights, in celebration of the sisterhood of Guiding across BC and beyond, on February 22.