Agreement has now been reached between the RDCK and RecycleBC regarding recycling depots in the region.  Salmo is keeping our local depot, while improving it for all villagers and area residents, including minimizing noise while visually improving the Lions Park entrance for all to enjoy.  Moving across the parking lot to its former location, the depot will be fully enclosed and feature an Art Wall on the front fence. It is expected that the move across the parking lot to the new old location will happen by the Fall.

As detailed to residents last June, the Salmo depot is undergoing some changes to meet the new requirements. Click here for information about the changes to the depot and details of the Art Wall.

Advantages of the new arrangement include:

  • No more unsightly view from the road for neighbours or passersby.
  • No more 24-hour drop off, so no noises in the night.
  • No more big truck doing loud dumping over head – the mega bins can be wheeled onto a transport truck during the day.
  • Security cameras are planned to capture late night droppers off and anyone trying to leave garbage and/or furniture items.
  • An opportunity for depot staff to educate people about recyclables.

The Village has been awarded a grant of $10,159 from the Columbia Basin Trust for a new stone mural, designed by local artist and Arts Council member, Tia Reyden, for the centre section of front facing fence.  Local stone mason, Jason Bourne, will lead the team assisting with the stone work. Two additional murals are also planned.  The CBT also awarded the Village a grant of $32,397 towards building a new public washroom in Lions Park for use by the general public and recycling staff. In addition, the Village plans to undertake structural improvements to what’s known as the “recycling building”.  New landscaping at the front of Lions Park and the curling rink will also be added.

Construction of the fencing and Art Wall is now underway.