The Village would like to take this opportunity to thank residents for their continued patience and efforts as we all work together to manage the incredible amount of snow that we have received in the past few weeks.

A few requests and reminders as we anticipate more snow over the next few days:

  • We ask that residents continue to uncover and clear off their cars so that crews can see where they are and that they don’t look like just another snow bank.
  • Please remember there is no overnight parking on any streets in Salmo during this time. All vehicles are to be parked off the roads, side streets and alleys in order for the crew to effectively plow and clean up as much snow as possible and as close to the curb as possible. Vehicles that continue to park on the streets and impede snow plowing will be ticketed or towed.
  • Please also remember that residents and contractors are prohibited from removing snow from private property across or onto any boulevard or lane, or onto a neighbouring property or boulevard.  We ask that residents do not shovel or plow snow from their property onto anywhere but their own property. It is time consuming for crews to have to clean up the snow that is left behind by this. 
  • In an emergency seconds count. Help our Fire Department to help you and your neighbours by clearing around a fire hydrants in your neighbourhood by removing any snow and ice from around the hydrant within a 3 foot distance around the hydrant and a path to the hydrant.
  • Storms drains will also be a very necessary priority as the weather changes. If you know where your neighbourhood storm drain is located please help the crews by clearing it of obstruction from ice and snow so that the water can flow clearly to the drain to help prevent back-up and puddling.

Our crews have been working non-stop, very long days to keep the roads cleared for residents. Please be kind to our drivers, they are working hard for you so that you can get to your destination as quickly and safely as possible.

Thank-you again to all those who have helped our crews with any and all of these items over the last month and for everyone who will help us going forward. We appreciate all of it.