To: Users of the Glendale Bridge

Please be advised that a recent bridge inspection by our Engineers has determined that there has been structural damage to the bridge which necessitates that the Village temporarily restrict the weight of vehicles crossing over the Glendale bridge until repairs can be done.

The Engineer has strongly stated that currently, at both the north and south approaches to the bridge, conditions are not structurally sound and cannot support full highway loading. They recommended the bridge rating be downgraded to 2 tonnes (2,000 kgs or 4,400 lbs) gross vehicle weight (GVW), which generally includes residential level traffic, including ½ ton pick-up trucks. Commercial and industrial traffic or people with RVs should use an alternative route.

The alternative route for heavier vehicles needing to access parts of the Village on the south side of the village is Cady Road via Hwy. #3 to enter and exit that side of Erie Creek.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.