It’s that time of year again – hungry bear season!

Bears have been sited at various locations around the village and homeowners have experienced garbage raids.  We would like to remind everyone to please be BearSmart.

BearSmart Tips

Look for these bear attractants on your property:

  • Garbage: the biggest attractant for bears in our communities is garbage. Properly secure your garbage, and keep it indoors until pick-up, or until you can take it to your local landfill.  Don’t place garbage bags at the curb overnight.
  • Compost: use finished compost, leaves, grass or wood chips to cover up fruit or other food waste in your composter. Properly care for your compost by turning it and layering it appropriately to reduce odours.
  • Fruit trees and Grapes: make sure to harvest fruit immediately. Remove all windfall fruit. If you own an orchard, electric fencing is encouraged. Check the phone book for electric fence contractors in our area.
  • Pet food, Birdfeeders and Gardens are all attractants for bears. Keep your pet food securely stored indoors. Bring your birdfeeders in for the summer, supplementing them with natural flowers and birdbaths. Electric fencing is recommended to keep agriculture safe.
  • Barbeques: everyone loves the smell of a good barbeque, bears included! To keep your barbeques safe, make sure that they are properly cleaned, covered and don’t leave utensils out overnight.

Visit our BearSmart page for more information.