Salmo Council has selected Ymir-based Tl’azt’en artist Damian John’s mystical concept for the FortisBC mural project.  FortisBC is very generously sponsoring the cost of this project and providing six fence panels for the mural. It will wrap around at the corner of Fourth Street and Sayward Avenue in front of the new FortisBC station and will be a stunning addition to the Village’s murals.

Featuring a delight of spiritual and hidden images, the nature-themed tableau flows from morning to night reflecting Salmo’s deep connection to First Nations, nature and the land on which we all live.

Damian John – Artist

Damian John has been pursuing art as a primary part of his life for the last 6 years and has established himself as an artist by exploring what it means to be a modern Indigenous person in this country we call Canada and the world.

He uses his art as his voice for himself, his ancestors, his relatives and family; exploring the difficulties, the beauty, and all the ranges in between to tickle the brain and bones of the viewer into some version of communion with all that is around us. His wish is to create art that evokes feeling and conversation and action and to use art to create a part of the non-verbal dialogue and monologue we have with each other and ourselves.  He sees creativity as part of the beautiful fabric humans weave as we absorb and pass on story.

This then is part of his purpose here on this earth, at this time – To build on the human story in a way that’s deeply meaningful to him, and to create images that speak.