The Village is requesting the help of Salmo parents, and other residents, in stopping recent vandalism in both of the newly refreshed KP Park washrooms.  While we are working with the RCMP on this, we really need your help too.

There have been three incidents in the last few days. From our exterior surveillance cameras, we believe it to be the work of youngsters between ages of 8-13 who are either just being silly or are following a recent Tic-Tok prank-trend of vandalising public washrooms.  (Please note there are no cameras in the washrooms.)  The vandalism seems to be happening after school into the early evening.  Starting September 21st, the washrooms have been locked at 7:00 pm, and prior to that at 8:00 pm.

Please ask your children if they have any idea as to who may be responsible and, provided you are comfortable doing so, let the village office know in confidence who we might need to get in touch with.  The Village will contact their parents in a non-confrontational, non-accusatory way so they may explore the issue with their children.

Vandalism costs taxpayer dollars! Your dollars. It is not only expensive – items have to be repurchased and graffiti painted over – but it is very inconvenient to park users when the facilities can’t be used.  If it keeps up and the culprits are caught it could also result in criminal charges and payment for damages.

Help us keep Salmo beautiful and our washrooms damage free.

Thank you.