The Village Needs Your Help

Do Your Part – Please Conserve Water!

The Village’s current water consumption is around 600,000 gallons a day. This is a huge amount of water!  More than enough for a Village several times our size.

The reservoir is emptying very quickly each day starting in the mornings and going all day and evening. The pumps having a very hard time filling it up again.

Our Pumps are Stressed – Fire Danger is High

All this watering is causing significant strain on the pumps as they are constantly running to try and keep up with consumption and trying to refill the reservoir.  If the pumps breakdown we will not only have a very expensive repair or replacement on our hands, but we may not be able to meet fire-fighting needs or even have drinking water.

In this ultra-dry area fire is an currently extreme risk!

We are currently in a Level 3 drought in the Kootenays and have had no rain to recharge our aquifer for weeks.  Please help the village and your fellow villagers by conserving water.  No one needs a green lawn.  Lawns go dormant and pop right back up in the fall.

The province has advised we’re into Drought Level 3 and is asking everyone to reduce their water usage by 30%. 

We need to do even better than that! Water conservation is everyone’s responsibility.

Ways can you help?

Per the Village’s watering regulations, residents may only sprinkle every other day in the early morning between 6:00am and 9:00 am or in the evening from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. In Salmo odd-numbered civic addresses sprinkle on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and even-numbered homes on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Everyone can water on Sundays. However, look over the following tips and see what else you can do to reduce your usage and ensure the Village aquifer can meet our needs this hot, dry summer.

  • Let your lawn go golden. It will recover in the fall.
  • Hand water with your hose or a watering can.
  • If you use a sprinkler, cut your usage time back by 30% – or more. EVERY DROP COUNTS!
  • Do your dishes in a dish pan and use the water for watering flowers and bushes.
  • Take a shower instead of a bath.
  • Shower in a dish pan in your tub or shower and use the water for flowers and bushes.
  • Let your car or truck get dusty and proudly tell family and friends you are doing your bit for water conservation by not washing it.
  • Get a rain barrel to capture and use the rainwater on your garden. (It’s got to rain eventually!)

Here are 15 ways you can conserve.