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The Salmo Valley Early Childhood Advisory Council is seeking a consultant for their Child Care Planning Study.

View full details RFP-SVCCPP Apr 22 2020


Child Care operators in the Salmo Valley have received a significant increase in requests for service in the past three years, since the addition of a licensed infant/toddler program within the Salmo Children’s Centre.  Extensive wait lists are creating the impression of a need for care that is not being met by current capacities.

In an effort to understand the current and future child care requirements, and develop a plan for the provision of child care within the Salmo Valley, it is necessary to conduct a detailed assessment of the current situation, and engage in child care planning activities.


The purpose of the Salmo Valley Child Care Planning Project is to:

  • Collect information regarding the child care needs in the community;
  • Create an inventory of existing child care spaces;
  • Identify space creation targets over the next 10 years;
  • Identify actions that can be taken to meet those space creation targets.

CLOSING DATE:  3:00pm PST Friday, May 22, 2020