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Salmo Cemetery

Village of Salmo

The Salmo Cemetery is located approximately 2 km West of Salmo on Cemetery Road, just off of Highway 3. The Salmo Cemetery is planned, administered and maintained by the Village of Salmo.

The Salmo Cemetery is a unique reminder of our past, present and future and offers a distinct experience, where families can come to honour and remember a loved one. Everyone is always welcome to come and visit this very special place, the cemetery is open to the public every day from sunrise to sunset.

Burial arrangements can be made personally or by private funeral service providers by contacting the Village of Salmo Office. Cemetery fees are set by bylaw at a level which attempts to cover annual operating costs and set aside fees for perpetual care of the facility after it is full. Cemetery fees are contained within the Village’s Cemetery Bylaw. Fees can be found on Schedule ‘C’ located on page 15 of the bylaw.

Donations to the cemetery are always welcome, either in memory of a loved one or simply as a gift to the community.

Cemetery Map

Visit our online cemetery mapping application. Simply click on the link to view all the Village cemetery layouts, find available plots, or search for a specific plot or person

For more information about the Village of Salmo Cemetery contact the Village office