Dear Salmo Residents:

I would like to address a series of recent social media posts concerning riding horses on Village streets as I believe there has been a misunderstanding regarding Village bylaws regarding horses.

The Village doesn’t have a “horse bylaw” but we do have an Animal Control Bylaw.  In addition, provincial legislation governs what modes of transportation are allowed on public roads in the province (Transportation Act, Motor Vehicle Act and Highways Act), and there are three bylaws that govern transportation, including horses, in the Village:

  1. Animal Control Bylaw # 699 (2018) and an addendum Bylaw #707 (2019)
  2. Parks and Public Spaces Bylaw #700 (2019)
  3. Traffic Bylaw #660 (2014)

All bylaws were passed at public Council meetings and are available on the Village website.  Agendas and reference material for Council meetings is available on the Village website the Friday prior to the regularly scheduled Tuesday meetings.

Below are the relevant sections of our bylaws that deal with horses.

Bylaw 699


4.1.4    The raising and keeping of livestock including cattle, horses, swine, sheep, goats, bison, farmed game, mules, asses, musk oxen, llamas, alpacas, ostriches, rheas and emus in the Village of Salmo limits is strictly prohibited on lots under 4.05 hectares (10 acres) and is limited to Zones RR-1 (Rural) and R-2 (Estate Residential).

Bylaw 707 – an addendum to 699

4.8 Removing Excrement

4.8.1 If an Animal defecates on any public or private property other than the property of its Owner, the Owner shall remove such feces immediately.
4.8.2 If an Animal is on any public or private property other than the property of its Owner, the Owner shall have in his possession a suitable means of facilitating the removal of the Animal’s feces.

 Bylaw 700 (2019) – Parks & Publicly owned spaces bylaw Part 14


14.1     No person shall ride or drive any horse or other animal or drive or propel or permit to be driven or propelled, any vehicle or other mode of conveyance on any boulevard, grass-plot or other area within any park other than on the respective driveway made and provided for such purpose; or to drive any animal on any path or other roadway allotted for pedestrian traffic only unless otherwise directed by an authorized Village official or employee, provided however, that wheelchairs, motorized mobility vehicles and children’s carriages may be allowed on the footpaths to such an extent and in such manner as shall not interfere with the free use of such walks by pedestrians.

 Bylaw 660 (2014) – Traffic Bylaw Part 17, (3)

17 No person shall:

(3)        ride, herd or drive any animal on a sidewalk, boulevard or walkway except that this subsection shall not apply to dogs led by a leash.

Bylaw 700 and 707 reflect changes to previous bylaws but no changes have singled out horses.

Horses are part of Salmo’s heritage and we are pleased to see horses in our Village as long as they are ridden on our roads respectfully and owners abide by our Bylaws stated above.

Mayor Lockwood