Request For Proposal – Large Equipment Storage Rehabilitation

Village of Salmo

Request For Proposal – Large Equipment Storage Rehabilitation

*This Tender has now closed.

Sealed quotations clearly marked: “Request for Proposal – Large Equipment Storage Building Rehabilitation Bids will be received at the Village of Salmo office up to and including 4:00pm, local time, Thursday, June 30th, 2022 for the following:

Description of the Requirement

The Village of Salmo is looking for an experienced General Contractor (“Contractor”) to undertake the rehabilitation of the Village’s Large Equipment Storage Building as per the specifications in the engineering drawings developed by Redwood Engineering (attached Appendix A Drawings S-1 to S-6) and as described in the Engineer’s Building Assessment Report (attached Appendix B) (we are aware the cost estimate is out-of-date). The building is 31.4m (103’) long by 13.1 (43’) wide with approximately 4.88m (16’) high exterior walls. It is a large, mainly unheated, equipment storage building, built in the early 90’s, located in Lions Park on Glendale Avenue. It has many issues, including exterior concrete block walls that are falling down. It is currently under a WorkSafe Do Not Enter order and the Electrical Inspector has mandated that bringing the structure up to electrical code must be done.

Repairs to be undertaken are detailed in the attached Appendices A & B. A public washroom is also to be included in the updated facility. The work includes, but is not limited to:

  • All materials and labour.
  • Demolition of concrete north and south block exterior walls, wood frame and metal clad new exterior walls.
  • Demolish east (skating rink) current wood frame wall, re-construct it with new door lintels and metal clad it.
  • Replacement of exterior metal siding as indicated in drawings.
  • Demolition of interior walls as indicated and re-configuration of the interior layout.
  • Repairing spalling and anchors as indicated.
  • Radon mitigation.
  • Pouring a concrete slab floor – some parts are currently bare earth, and some are concrete (and can hopefully be incorporated into the overall floor slab).
  • Framing and constructing new interior walls as per the drawings.
  • Installation of 2 new overhead doors, reinstall sliding door and install indicated man doors (the village will order and purchase all doors).
  • Installation of roof line eavestroughs as indicated in drawings, if practical.
  • Construction of a heated, one-toilet, wheelchair-accessible washroom in one corner of the building including steel door, toilet, sink, heat source and other fittings. (The village will supply the water and sewer connections). The washroom could have on-demand water heating or a small water heater.
  • Subcontract electrician to bring the structure up to the required electrical code standards and supply and installation of security camera system and emergency and exit lighting.

Project Scope and Deliverables

A licensed contractor is required to manage the project including:

  • Overseeing project
  • Building permits
  • Materials purchases
  • Providing construction crew
  • Hiring and oversite of any necessary subtrades
  • Project completion and turnover of the building back to Village

Proposed Timeline

This bid is now closed.